Mirchi, Beverley

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Apparently you only have 3 choices if you want to go for a curry in Beverley and the Mirchi is the pick of the bunch. Tucked inside one of the many traditional old town centre buildings it uses all the available space to cram in as many tables as possible. Arriving on a Saturday night it needed every table and instantly gave you the impression that you’ve found a popular hideaway buzzing with atmosphere. Such a contrast from standing outside where you couldn’t be sure if it was actually open. A straight forward and typically Indian designed theme of bright red and black tries to convert it from it origins but unfortunately it doesn’t quite work and maybe an attempt to combine the two would have been braver. None the less, it still delivers the anticipation that great food awaits.
Nothing beyond the usual with the pops, dips and starters. The mains took their time but were well received and the chefs special thick tomato spiced shaslick took the prize for flavour. The menu is extensive and provides the usual along with some specialities which i understand combine Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine with thick rich sauces. Overall a good place to know about if you’re hungry for a curry.